Concert-goers wearing durable vinyl wide face wristbands for multiday access to music concert in Canada

Vinyl Wristbands

Our vinyl wristbands are one of the most durable event wristbands, ideal for indoor, outdoor, and multi-day events across Canada. Whether you’re looking for an admission security bracelet with a minimalistic look for corporate events or something funky for music festivals and carnivals, we have your back!

Our Extensive Collection of Vinyl Wrist bands for Events

At Wristbands247, you’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to vinyl wristbands.

Our extensive collection ensures we have something for everyone, irrespective of your requirements, type of event, budget, and customization requirements.

Some of the variants available in our Vinyl Wristbands category include –

Vinyl L-Shape

These types of vinyl wrist bands come in 15 different colours and are ideal for a wide variety of events.

Vinyl Wide Face

These wide vinyl wristbands offer ample real estate for branding opportunities and come in 15 vibrant colours. For large events with tons of sponsors, wide vinyl wristbands are a smart choice.

Vinyl 1 Stub

Vinyl 1 Tab wristbands also come in 15 different colours with an additional feature of 1 tab for a detachable ticket. Such functionality helps make the event more efficient, mutually benefitting the organizers as well as the attendees.

Vinyl 3 Stub

At Wristbands24, we offer 15 vibrant colour choices for this variant. Here, you get three tabs for redeemable coupons, making it a perfect choice for carnivals, drink tickets, fairs, and more.

Vinyl 5 Stub

It is one of the most popular vinyl wristbands with tabs, and this one comes with 5 detachable coupons. Choose from our inventory of 15 captivating colours!

Vinyl 10 Stub

If you're looking for vinyl wristbands for events that are going to be massive and overcrowded, going for vinyl wristbands with 10 tabs is a wonderful idea. These streamline events and minimize the chances of mismanagement and revenue loss.

Why Choose Our Vinyl Wristbands

Our vinyl snap bands have multi-layer construction, giving them extra strength required to withstand wear and tear and harsh outdoor environments.

One of the most popular uses of vinyl wristbands is in hospitals for identifying patients, showcasing the trust in vinyl wristbands throughout Canada.

Apart from being highly versatile in terms of colours, designs, patterns and prints, vinyl wristbands can be fully customized to meet your event’s and sponsor’s requirements.

They are comfortable to wear, and you can choose from our wide range of in-stock vinyl wristbands or contact us to place an order for custom vinyl wristbands for events.

Here are a few other reasons why you should choose our vinyl wristbands –

  • Stylish & Trendy Vibes

    Vinyl wristbands are not only highly durable, water-resistant, and tamper-evident, but they're also visually and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you're hosting an outdoor event, a pool party, or an indoor business summit, rest assured that vinyl wristbands won't disappoint you

  • Sleek & Comfortable

    At Wristbands247, our vinyl wristbands are crafted using tri-laminate material that's water, stretch and tear-resistant. Its lightweight material and softer underside ensure the attendees won't even feel they're wearing anything on their wrist. Vinyl wristbands for events are meant to last long and are perfect for multi-day events and prolonged use.

  • Vibrant Colors

    Just like our range of plastic wristbands, our vinyl wristbands with tabs come in a vast array of colours, prints, patterns, and designs. Irrespective of your event's theme and style, you'll find that perfect match from our extensive inventory.

  • Multi-Tasking Wristbands

    Vinyl wristbands with tabs add a unique functionality that is highly useful during events. The tabs on vinyl wristbands play the role of redeemable coupons to be used as ride tickets, drink tickets, food coupons, and more. If you're looking for wristbands with tabs, vinyl wristbands are highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Vinyl Event Wristbands

Of course, our wristbands come with numerous holes for size adjustment. Moreover, we offer six different variants of vinyl wristbands with varying width and length.

Vinyl wristbands for events can easily last for over two weeks, making them an ideal choice for ongoing and multi-day events.

Yes, the vinyl wristbands we offer are fully customizable. You can choose to add anything you want on vinyl wristbands Canada, including your brand’s logo, event’s logo, brand name, contact details, QR code, etc.

The pull-off tabs on vinyl wristbands function as redeemable coupons for drink tickets, ride tickets, food coupons, etc. These additional features make vinyl wristbands extremely versatile and highly popular among event organizers.

No! Our vinyl wristbands are engineered to be non-transferable to amplify the event’s security and avoid unauthorized or fraudulent access.

Vinyl wristbands come with single-use snap closure, and any attempts to remove it once worn show signs of visible damage, alerting security personnel. This helps boost the event’s security and helps manage access control smartly.

Yes, vinyl wristbands are water resistant, making them ideal for use in outdoor and wet events, including pool parties, water parks, etc.

Yes, vinyl wristbands are designed with the wearer’s comfort in mind. Their soft and flexible material ensures a comfortable fit, even during long events.

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