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Plastic Wristbands

Plastic wristbands are highly versatile, durable and cost-effective, preferred by event organizers across Canada. With unparalleled comfort, creative designs, vibrant colours, and endless customization opportunities, our plastic wristbands have quickly become a go-to choice for many clients.

Eco-Friendly Plastic Wristbands for Events

At Wristbands247, we don’t compromise with quality and have standard operating procedures in place to ensure every wristband we produce meets our quality requirements. 

Our plastic event wristbands are a perfect option for multi-day events and are crafted with attendees’ comfort and the event’s security in mind. Along with helping enhance security, our plastic wrist bands are stylish and trendy and come in a wide range of colours you’ll fall in love with!

Our extensive collection of recyclable plastic wristbands includes –

Plastic L-Shape

These are sleek, trendy and highly comfortable plastic wristbands that come with an L-shaped clasp lock. This plastic wristband can be easily worn for 3-5 days comfortably by attendees without any signs of wear and tear or discomfort.

Plastic Wide Face

As the name suggests, these plastic wristbands are broader and are mostly used for events requiring visual verification, bar code scanning or having multiple sponsors listed for promotion through wristbands. Being a wide-face wristband allows for increased space for brand opportunities.

Plastic Detachable Stub

For events that offer benefits and redeemable perks, our Detachable Tab wristband is a great option. Its slim, sleek, and minimalist design goes well with a wide range of events, including access control and security at nightclubs, amusement parks, and concerts.

Why Choose Plastic Wristbands?

Plastic event wristbands are the epitome of comfort, style and durability and are an ideal option for multi-day events.

Regardless of the size and scale of your event, rest assured plastic wristbands have all you can expect from a wristband and more!

Some of the reasons to choose plastic wristbands for events are –

  • Unmatched Comfort

    We manufacture plastic wristbands using lightweight two-ply material, maximizing comfort without compromising on durability or security. The underside of the plastic wristband is smooth and soft, ensuring maximum comfort for attendees. Moreover, the featherweight of plastic wristbands is also one of the reasons why many organizers prefer it for multi-day events, ensuring no discomfort even when worn for prolonged periods.

  • Incredible Durability

    Our eco-friendly plastic bands are easily among the most durable wristbands on the market which can easily outlast and outperform paper-like Tyvek wristbands by miles while ensuring maximum security and comfort. These wrist bands are made to last, making them perfect for multi-day events. Being waterproof and tear-resistant, plastic wristbands are highly preferred for amusement parks, water parks, outdoor events, outdoor music concerts, festivals and fairs, and more.

  • Tamper-Proof Design

    Venue entry, access control, security and crowd management are among the top concerns for every event organizer. At Wristbands247, we offer plastic wristbands that come with ingenious designs that are tamper-evident.

  • Adjustable Fit

    At Wristbands247, we creatively design plastic wristbands that can be comfortably worn by everyone, irrespective of their wrist size. Our plastic wristbands’ size can be adjusted using numerous holes for size adjustment and adjustable straps. It allows your guests to customize the size of the plastic wrist band as per their wrist size and comfort.

  • Stylish & Versatile

    Our plastic wristbands are one of the most stylish wristbands you can opt for your event. Regardless of whether it is a business conference or a music festival, any of our plastic wristband styles can be customized to suit your event’s theme while offering substantial brand visibility.

  • Economical

    we keep the price of our wristbands competitive and budget-friendly, ensuring you don’t have to spend a fortune to get premium quality plastic event wristbands. We aim to provide value to our clients without compromising on quality and durability, which has helped us become the leading wristband manufacturer and retailer in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Plastic Snap Wristbands

Our plastic wristbands are made from biodegradable and recyclable polyethylene terephthalate. It ensures you receive all the benefits, such as durability and versatility, you expect from plastic without leaving a negative impact on the environment.

Yes, our plastic wristbands for events are 100% waterproof. We also use waterproof ink on our wristbands to ensure they can withstand harsh environments and prolonged exposure to water.

Yes, our plastic event wristbands are engineered to fit all wrist sizes – thanks to their adjustable strap and holes for size adjustment.

All our plastic wristbands, irrespective of the style you choose, come with size adjustment features.

No, our plastic wristbands are tamper-evident and designed for single use.

It features a tamper-resistant closure, meaning any attempt to open and reuse it will be evidently visible to security, helping security with access control, avoiding fraudulent entry, and boosting event security.

However, even though plastic wristbands are designed for single use, they’re made to last and are perfect for multi-day events.

We can offer plastic wristbands that can be removed and reattached on request – please get in touch for more details.

Yes, our plastic wristbands Canada are made using two-ply material with a softer underside and durable outer layer. This ensures comfort while preventing stretching.

Such secure comfort ensures that attendees cannot reuse or transfer the event wristband to others, enhancing the event’s security.

Plastic ID wristbands are designed for extended wear and can be easily worn for around a week. It is what makes plastic wristbands a perfect choice for multi-day events.

Many attendees even keep our plastic wristbands as a keepsake for its sleek, stylish and trendy outlook.

Yes, we offer a wide range of customization opportunities to represent your brand the way you want.

From your brand’s logo to your QR code and from your website’s name to other variable data, we can customize every element of the plastic wristband’s aesthetic to align with your requirements.

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