VIP guests wearing plastic holographic glitter wristbands at Canadian night club

Holographic Plastic Wristbands

Add spark to your event by choosing holographic wristbands from Wristbands247! Perfect for nightclubs, parties, concerts, music festivals, and more, our holographic film wristbands are a hot favourite for many event organizers across Canada.

Choose From Our Vibrant Range of Metallic & Glitter Patterns

Sparkle Bands

Available in 9 different designs and a vast array of colours, these holographic sparkle wristbands are one-of-a-kind. These are perfect for high-profile events, concerts and nightclubs, especially for VIP identification, VIP access, security control, etc.

Glitter Bands

We offer holographic glitter wristbands in 11 designs and many different colours. Embrace the vibrant energy of our glitter bands, infused with multi-coloured glitter that adds a playful and festive touch. Ideal for birthday parties, carnivals, and theme parks, these bands are sure to add glitter to your event!

Techno Bands

Our techno wristbands are available in 7 exquisite and captivating designs featuring a secure snap closure. With metallic accents, futuristic designs, and geometric patterns, our holographic film wristbands boast unique aesthetics like no other bands.

What Makes Holographic Wristbands Special?

For organizers looking for options in holographic advertising, choosing holographic event wristbands is an ideal option. With its sleek vibe, eye-catching colours, and captivating metallic shine, these holographic advertising wristbands combine functionality and aesthetics in style.

So why choose holographic wristbands?

  • Eye-Catching & Unique

    Holographic VIP wristbands are way different than other bands because of their vibrant colours, metallic shine, and incredible designs and patterns. These holographic film wristbands add life to any event and impress attendees without fail with their stylish outlook. In essence, these bands function as a fashion accessory while being equally instrumental in VIP identification, access control, security management, and more.

  • Durable & Reliable

    At Wristbands247, we focus on offering value to our clients. This is why our holographic sparkle wristbands not only look great but are engineered to last. Whether it is a short-duration event of a few hours or a multi-day event, our holographic film wristbands are a perfect choice for VIP events, music festivals, carnivals, nightclubs, etc.

  • Super Secure

    Our holographic glitter wristbands come with one-time-use snap closures, making it tamper-evident. This means these glitter bands are non-transferable and are meant for single-use only security purposes. Any attempt to remove it will cause visible damage, ensuring it can’t be re-used for unauthorized access. If you’re looking for wristbands you can rely on for security and crowd management purposes that are also aesthetically sleek and modern, choose our holographic glitter wristbands.

  • Boost Brand Visibility

    Every event, irrespective of its size, is a great place to showcase your brand and reach a large audience. Our holographic film wristbands act as one of the most potent tools you can use to get in front of your audience and leave a positive impression. Whether it is you or your sponsors, glitter wristbands can be customized to add brand logos, QR codes, and other variable data to boost brand visibility. Transform your events into a turn-key marketing event through these sleek sparkle wristbands.

Instrumental in Enhancing Event Security & Crowd Management

As visually and aesthetically pleasing as they may seem, holographic glitter wristbands not only make a style statement but are instrumental in streamlining event security and management.

Wristbands247 plastic holographic wristband security features infographic
Party goers wearing one-time use holographic glitter wristbands for celebration

Custom Holographic Wristbands – Boost Your Brand Visibility

We offer comprehensive customization options to our clients, ensuring our premium holographic wristbands become their brand ambassadors for maximum brand exposure.

Personalizing wristbands allows you to –

We can add unique identities, QR codes and other signature markings to make each wristband unique to your event. It helps elevate event security and minimizes the chances of fraudulent or unauthorized access.

Further enhance your event security and crowd management practices by adding special serial numbering sequences to wristbands.

It ensures you’re better able to manage crowds and keep tabs on event security.

Wristbands give you the opportunity to showcase your or your sponsor’s brand logo, brand’s tagline, promotional messages, and more.

It helps with subtle brand outreach while giving your brand an opportunity to become the talk of town.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Holographic Wristbands

At Wristbands247, our wristbands are engineered to perfection and designed to withstand wear and tear in an outdoor environment. This makes our holographic wristbands ideal for multi-day and outdoor events.

Our VIP wristbands come with single-use, secure plastic snaps.

Once worn, these closures are locked, and the wristband needs to be destroyed for removal. It ensures the attendees don’t share wristbands, and security can easily identify any fraudulent activities in events.

Yes, our design specialists at Wristbands247 can customize your wristbands as per your requirements. Just let us know what you’ve in mind, and we will take care of the rest.

From adding a brand logo to your website’s name and from your business contact number to promotional messages, anything you wish can be custom printed on wristbands.

Yes, who doesn’t like adding some glitter to their event, right?

Our holographic sparkle wristbands are perfect for all events, including both indoor and outdoor events.

These VIP wristbands are popularly used in VIP events, festivals, parties, concerts, and more, helping enhance event security and access control.

We offer both stock and custom wristbands. Please get in touch with us to place an order for custom wristbands.

Our in-house support staff would be more than happy to guide you through the selection, design and order process.

Yes, our holographic film wristbands can be securely worn by people of all wrist sizes, thanks to its adjustable strap and numerous holes for size adjustment.

Yes, our holographic wristbands are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and are waterproof and tamper-evident. These VIP wristbands are perfect for outdoor festivals, concerts, and sports events.

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