Patrons at music concert in Montreal Canada wearing custom printed tyvek paper wristbands

Concert & Backstage ID

Concert Wristbands

Elevate your concert experience with our dynamic range of concert wristbands. These innovative replacements for traditional tickets are a versatile solution for event management challenges. Fully customizable, they not only ensure security but also act as mini ambassadors for your brand.

Popular Wristband Options for Concert Events

Concert wristbands allow venues to easily validate guest admission to their concerts, music festivals, and more.

Cloth Wristbands

Our cloth wristbands are not just comfortable and durable but also customizable, making them perfect as cherished keepsakes from unforgettable concerts and music festivals.

Tyvek® Wristbands

Tyvek® wristbands are perfect for both single-day concerts and multi-day festivals, offering tear resistance and waterproof qualities. They adhere securely, minimizing the chance of loss, and are also 100% recyclable, catering to environmentally conscious attendees.

Plastic Wristbands

These durable wristbands are a staple at multi-day music festivals. They're designed with a secure locking mechanism that prevents transfer or resale, and must be cut off to be removed, ensuring they stay with the original attendee.

Clearance Wristbands

Take advantage of significant savings on items such as overstocked products, factory seconds, and inventory clear-out designs.

Why Use Our Concert Wristbands?

Our concert wristbands offer more than just entry access; they enhance event management in multiple ways:

Brand & Sponsor Promotion

Customize wristbands for effective brand and sponsor promotion, including logos and previews of future events.

Security Enhancement

Designed to be non-transferable and hard to fake, they help in identifying genuine attendees.

Efficient Age Verification

These wristbands serve as a quick visual tool for staff to enforce age restrictions, particularly regarding alcohol service.


Resistant to heat and water, these wristbands are ideal for enduring various weather conditions, especially in multi-day events.

Using Wristbands at Concert Events

In the dynamic and lively setting of a concert, keeping things running smoothly can pose a considerable challenge. Yet, by employing clever wristband strategies, you can streamline crowd control and elevate the allure of your event. Here’s a guide on leveraging wristbands to orchestrate a concert that resonates perfectly with your audience.

Efficient Access Control

Concert wristbands offer a simple and convenient way to confirm admission. Attendees can effortlessly display their wristbands to security staff, eliminating the necessity for paper tickets and cutting down on entry queues.

VIP Recognition

Assign distinct wristband colors or patterns specifically for VIP guests. This simplifies the process for your team to offer these individuals the personalized attention they deserve, such as access to exclusive seating sections or backstage privileges.

Age Verification

Planning to serve alcohol at your event? Age-verified wristbands offer a swift and efficient means to identify guests of legal drinking age, mitigating the chances of underage drinking and ensuring compliance with local liquor regulations.

Branding and Sponsorship Opportunities

Personalized wristbands can showcase the concert logo, band emblem, or sponsor branding, serving as a subtle yet powerful marketing tool. These wearable adverts stay with the audience well beyond the concert, amplifying brand visibility over time.

Crowd Management

Utilizing wristbands enables effective audience management and categorization according to ticket tiers, age brackets, or access privileges. This facilitates streamlined crowd control and guarantees attendees a safer, more seamless concert experience.


Durable cloth or silicone wristbands frequently transform into cherished keepsakes for concert attendees. These wristbands serve as tangible reminders of the event, extending the concert experience well beyond the venue.

Safety and Security

Vividly colored or reflective wristbands aid security personnel in swiftly identifying concert attendees, especially in low-light environments or amidst large crowds. These conspicuous wristbands promote faster response during emergencies and elevate the overall safety of the event.
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