Enhancing Event Security with Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing (VDP) brings a new level of security and personalization to your event wristbands. This digital printing technology allows unique elements, such as text, graphics, and images, to be altered from one print to another without slowing down the printing process.

VDP operates on data drawn from a database or external file, making it an ideal solution for preventing ticket counterfeiting and ensuring unique, unreplicable access tokens.

Barcode scanner scanning wristband printed with variable data to secure event park access

QR Codes: Bringing Color and Convenience

Standard Black QR Code

Background colors: White (most preferred), Lt. Blue, Red, Yellow, Yellow Glow, N. Lime, N. Orange, N. Sunfire & N. Pink

Black QR code
Colored QR Code

Background color: White 

Multicolored QR Code

Background color: White 

Multi-colored QR code
  • Optimal dimensions for print As small as ¾ inch (19.05mm) on business cards (best 1 inch square (645.16 mm squared) or larger. Most all camera phones can properly read a 1.25 x 1.25” (31.75 mm x 31.75 mm) code.
  • Due to size constraints, QR codes cannot be printed on our Slim, Techno and Sparkle wristbands
  • We MUST be provided with the raw data file to use as a reference during the production process. In the event a redo is required, we will require this data file to do so.

QR Codes on our wristbands are not your average black and white squares. They come in various colors: white, light blue, red, yellow, and neon. You can opt for a multicolored QR code for an even more vibrant effect. However, due to size constraints, QR codes can’t be printed on our Slim, Techno, and Sparkle wristbands.

A smartphone with a camera and relevant software or app like Lynkee Reader or i-nigma Reader can easily read the QR codes. This ensures your event attendees can access information linked to the QR code without special equipment, enhancing their experience.

Data Matrix 2D Bar Code: Powerful and Versatile

Data Matrix Bar Code

Background color: White (most preferred), Lt. Blue, Red, Yellow, Yellow Glow, N. Lime, N. Orange, N. Sunfire & N. Pink


In addition to QR codes, we offer the Data Matrix 2D Bar Code, a two-dimensional barcode made of black and white square modules. These codes can store up to 2,335 alphanumeric characters and maintain their readability even if partially damaged.

Human Readable vs. Non-Human Readable Bar Codes: Adapting to Your Needs

We offer both Human Readable and Non-Human Readable Bar Codes to suit your unique needs. The Human Readable version displays the encoded data in a text format beneath the barcode, while the Non-Human Readable version requires an infrared barcode scanner for decoding. For your satisfaction, we usually send physical samples for approval, adding 2-3 additional business days to the turnaround time.

Based on our experience, the optimal barcode size is 0.75-1.0” high x 1.5 to 2.0” wide for maximum readability and to prevent excessive curvature when the wristband is worn.

Human readable barcodes has the encoded data displayed in a text format beneath the linear barcode.

Wristband custom printed with human readable barcodes

Non‐human readable barcodes do not display encoded data beneath the linear barcode. This barcode format is known as machine readable, which means the data can only be decoded by using an infrared barcode scanner.

Wristband custom printed with non-human readable barcodes

Barcode size – The optimal size is 0.75‐1.0” high x 1.5 to 2.0” wide. This ensures all barcode readers can read the barcode as certain readers have a smaller laser width than others and it also prevents excessive curvature of the barcode once the wristband has been applied to the patron’s wrist.

Broad Spectrum of Barcode Types

Our service provides flexibility with various barcode types to fit onto our wristbands. These include:

Code 128
Barcode 128

High-density, alphanumeric symbology with a check digit for data security

Code 39 (Normal & Full ASCII versions)
Barcode 39

Used in various sectors such as manufacturing, military, and health

UPCA, UPCE, and UPC Supplemental's
Barcode UPCA-UPC-E

Popular in retail applications

EAN8 / EAN13, BookLan and EAN Supplemental' s
Barcode EAN8-13

The European version of UPC


High-density, numeric-only symbology

We send physical samples for approval, extending the turnaround time by 2-3 business days.

Custom Serial Numbering for Wristbands

We offer custom serial numbering on wristbands at no extra cost when you order custom wristbands. The customization options include the following:

Standard, Sequential Serial Numbering
Increment of 1, Numeric only, maximum of 8 digits

Standard sequential numbering on wristbands

Matching Sequential Serial Numbering
Matching # on wristband & detachable stub, Numeric only, maximum of 6 digits

Matching serial numbering on wristbands

Static & Sequential Serial Numbering
The first part of the numbering sequence remains static while the second part is sequentially numbered in increments of 1, Alpha‐numeric

Static and sequential serial numbering on wristband for security auditing

Random Serial Numbers
A range of random, unique serial numbers are assigned; each wristband is printed with a random number within the range and does not follow a sequential sequence. Numeric or Alphanumeric.

Personalized Logo & Text Layout Styles

Your wristbands can be customized however you like, below is a list of common designs. However, if you require a more elaborate design, our designers are here to help you every step of the way.

Repeated Logo

Custom printed wristband with repeated logo imprint

Repeated Logo & Text

Repeated Text

Custom printed wristband with repeated text imprint

However, if you have an elaborate design in mind, our designers are ready to help you bring it to life.

Customized Bar Code Layouts

Depending on your event’s unique requirements, we provide several layout options for your barcode. They include:

Option 1 – Standard Layout

Standard custom barcode wristband from Medtech Wristbands

Option 2 – Data Matrix or QR Code

Custom printed wristband with data matrix barcode
Option 3 – Repeated Barcode Layout
Custom barcode wristband repeated barcodes

Option 4 – Full Band Barcode Layout

Custom wristband with barcode stretched across full length of band

Whether you’re planning a small community gathering or a grand music festival, we ensure your event wristbands are as unique, secure, and personalized as your event.

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