Party guests at new years celebration wearing custom printed holographic glitter wristbands at concert in Canada

Custom Holographic Wristbands

These specially designed plastic holographic wristbands can give your event a classy and edgy look. Made of flexible and stretch-resistant plastic, our holographic wristbands are great to use for concerts, nightclubs, bars, parties, and more.

Types of Custom Holographic Event Wristbands

These glamorous bands come in sheets of 10, and can be sequentially numbered for easier crowd management.

Custom Sparkle Wristbands

Inject magic into your event with our custom sparkle wristbands! With holographic shimmering foil infused into the wristband, these exude shine and dazzle with every move your guests make.
Custom Print Fee: $55

Custom Glitter Wristbands

Add extra glamour with our custom glitter holographic plastic wristbands. These feature dazzling flakes, giving them an eye-catching appearance. These bands offer a playful touch that is guaranteed to be a conversation starter.
Custom Print Fee: $55

Custom Techno Wristbands

Embrace the future with our edgy custom techno wristbands. Available in vibrant colors, these wristbands with metallic sheen make the perfect accessory for any event
Custom Print Fee: $55

Reasons to Customize Your Holographic Wristbands

Use our customization option to create a unique and memorable experience that reflects your brand, theme and values!

  • Prevent Counterfeits

    Your security staff will be able to spot counterfeits when you personalize holographic wristbands for your event. Customize wristbands specific to different types of attendees for better crowd control.

  • Boost Your Brand Image

    Customized holographic plastic wristbands become the billboards worn by your target audience. Holographic wristbands are often kept as bragging rights or souvenirs by guests, helping you enhance your brand image.

  • Generate Additional Revenue

    By partnering with sponsors and printing their logos on your custom holographic wristbands for VIP events can allow you to pay for the entire cost of your wristbands. Even better, you can also generate surplus revenue.

  • Enhance Efficiency

    Using advanced technology, we can add bar codes, QR codes and RFID technology to your custom printed holographic wristband. You can use it to automate many different processes for your event, such as payments and admission.

Need Holographic Wristbands in a Hurry?

We offer same-day print and ship service so you receive your custom wristbands promptly.

Features of Custom Holographic Wristbands

Use Our Custom Holographic Wristband For

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Custom Holographic Wristbands

Keep the printable area of holographic wristbands in mind when designing them for your event. Holographic wristbands can easily be tailored to your event’s promotional material. Our friendly design team are here to assist you in designing your quality custom wristband.

Yes. Our custom holographic wristbands can be adjusted to form a fitted bracelet for each wrist using snap closure.

Our holographic wristbands are water-resistant and splash-proof. However, prolonged immersion in water is not recommended.

Yes. Your custom holographic wristbands can be equipped with RFID chips to enhance their functionalities.

Yes. All our holographic wristbands are made of recycled materials and are biodegradable.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept exchanges or returns for any custom-made holographic wristbands with company logo or text. However, if you have any issues with your order, please contact us immediately so we can make it right!

While placing the order, please share your event date with us. We will recommend the best production and shipping options for you based on your deadline.

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