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Custom Eco-Friendly Paper Wristbands

Looking for ways to make your next event gentle on the environment? Reduce the ecological impact of your next event by choosing trendy yet eco-friendly recycled wristbands from Wristbands247! We offer a world of possibilities for those looking to make a difference while still enjoying high-quality personalized wristbands in Canada.

HD Full Color
Brilliant Quality & Variable Barcode Security

Customizable Eco Paper Wristband Options

One of the most affordable wristbands, our eco paper wristbands are an excellent choice for quick and easy identification. Made of eco-friendly, lightweight, and smooth material, these feature a tamper-proof closure.

Custom 3/4" Eco Paper Band

These sleek and comfortable options are perfect for conferences, festivals, and small gatherings. Add logos, patterns, text, or even personalized QR codes for more interactive magic.
Black Ink Print: Free
Full Color Print: $45

Custom 1" Eco Paper Band

For those festivals needing that extra burst of energy or for the conference needing more attention. These wider wristbands allow for more intricate detailing and bolder designs.
Black Ink Print: Free
Full Color Print: $45

Choose Eco Paper Bands for your next Event

Our eco-friendly paper wristband offer boundless customization options and variable data printing capabilities. Whether you’re planning a concert, conference, or fundraiser, these wristbands are the perfect canvas for your brand and ideal for sustainable event management.

With vibrant, photo-quality graphics, these wristbands not only serve as an essential security tool but also become an effective method of brand promotion, counterfeit prevention, and a revenue generator through sponsorships.

Like our renowned custom Tyvek® wristbands, Eco wristbands are a great choice for short-term use in both wet and dry environments. These wristbands offer the triple advantage of comfort, durability, and high security due to their one-time use adhesive closure.

Need Your Eco Wrist bands in a Rush?

Our Priority Service allows you to jump the line to get your order produced and shipped the same business day!

Full color custom printed eco friendly paper wristband used for beach event admission

Eco-Friendly Wristbands I Application & Functionality

Galaxy Wristbands can seamlessly cater to a variety of applications and functions at your event:

Green Advantage: Why Choose Our Eco-Friendly Paper Wristbands for Your Next Event?

  • Sustainable Impact

    Make a positive statement with our eco paper wristbands made of biodegradable materials to reduce your ecological footprint.

  • Brand Responsibility

    Showcase your commitment to CSR by picking our eco paper wristbands.

  • Reduced Waste

    Minimize post-event wastage and contribute to a cleaner and sustainable environment.

  • Customizable

    Do not compromise on aesthetics through our customizable eco paper wristbands

  • Appeal to Conscious Attendees

    Appeal to attendees and foster positive associations with your event and brand.

  • Fast Delivery

    We offer quick turnaround times for pre-designed wristbands. The delivery times for custom designs will vary depending on the order size.

Elevating Event Security

Choose from our Tyvek and plastic wristband products, which come in an extensive collection of single-use, pre-made designs for a unique look.

Customize Your Eco Paper Wristband

Wristbands247 Canada offers the most comprehensive wristband personalization in Canada. In a few simple steps, you can:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Eco Paper Wristbands

All our eco friendly wristbands for events are made of high-quality, recycled paper that is durable and sustainable.

Our eco wristbands are versatile and perfect for different purposes, including ticketing, event access, promotions, crowd control, and identification. It makes them ideal for events like conferences, concerts, parties, charity events, sports events, and even for everyday business management.

Paper wristbands can withstand some exposure to water, but they are not fully waterproof. If you are holding an event that involves water activities, consider our other waterproof options, such as silicone, Tyvek, or fabric wristbands.

Yes. Our eco paper wristbands can be recycled. These are made of recycled materials at the point of production. It ensures you can hold your event while being environmentally responsible.

Our eco paper wristbands vary in price depending on the quantity and pack size. To get an accurate quote and production time, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Eco-paper wristbands are available faster than other wristbands.

Our eco-friendly wristbands are a reliable and cost-effective solution for short-term events. They are designed to be long-lasting. However, the actual length of time these wristbands last will depend on many factors, such as the environmental conditions they are exposed to.

No. Our eco paper wristbands are designed for one-time use only and cannot be reused due to the material’s tear-resistant properties. Since these are intended for single use for security purposes at events, reusing them would defeat their main purpose.

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